Monday, 18 February 2013

Interview with Mr.Senthil Raj - CEO of Amma Nanna

Person Interviewed  -  Mr. Senthil Raj, CE0  -Amma Nanna Departmental store.
Interviewer - Meera
Date- 13-02-13
Purpose of the interview :            
 To collect data about Amma Nanna being Favored by Expatriates
Summary of the Interview:
On meeting Mr.Senthil ,his maturity and confidence are instantly apparent. He projects the air of someone who is highly energetic  and action oriented.He has been in business for the past 10 years .He inherited the crown of Amma Nanna from his father 10 years ago. From then there is no look back in his career.  He along with his siblings have developed 900 square feet Amma Nanna into a Mammoth departmental store which houses all the needed items for the expat and Indian audience.
The charismatic CEO of Amma Nanna says, the Departmental store has a rich history of thirty five years and they have been  serving the Expat audience from day one, it came into being. The seed sown by CEO’s grandfather is definitely witnessing a giant growth .He thanks his grandfather for wisely purchasing a land on the busy roads of Teynampet. He strongly believes, location is a major factor promoting the business of Amman Nana.
Being located in proximity of Expat Enclaves and city center Amma Nanna has a large influx of Expatriates and High Class Audience. His doubts about the success of  Amma Nana if being stationed at other locations. This young entrepreneur believes “Customer is king” and he is always open to feedback from his customers.
On the birthday of Amma Nanna, His ancestors have clearly defined the motto of Satisfying Customer needs its top most priority and they want to provide a home environment to the Expatriates. They are successful in achieving this by serving the cuisine needs of expats. Whenever  an Expat enters into this store they want to give the feel of shopping in their home country, so none of the leaves Amma Nanna Disappointed.
This vibrant CEO, wants his customers to enter in and out of Amma Nanna with a broad smile and he is meticulous in bringing the products form the globe to satisfy customer needs. When queried about the Success of Amma Nanna , he proudly answers “ Amma Nanna never says no to its customers”.
One can see pride in his eyes, when he says  Amma Nanna is highly successful among Expats through word of mouth.He didn’t spend money from his kitty to promote Amma Nanna.He has an endearing customers who actively promotes Amma Nanna among themselves.
To this CEO,the word Expat is a  generic term,he is not biased towards a particular section of expats alone.So,his store caters to the cuisine needs of expats from different countries.He adds that,food products are imported from Malaysia and Singapore which is the hub for Expat Food products.
When asked about the products of great demand among Expats,He says the expatriates look for Sauce,Jam,Noodles,Imported Butter the most.
Amma Nanna has fifty people working for its glory and they are very humane to the customers,says Mr.Senthil.Apart from Amma Nanna,he along with his siblings are running hospitals and service residences.

“A good Product doesnt require  someone to sell,It sells for itself.” This is true for AmmmNanna and it truly deserve to be favoured by expats.

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